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July 2001

Nutrition Explorations

This site provides teachers, food-service professionals, and students with information and resources about nutrition, the Food Guide Pyramid, and healthful living.
The site is very colorful and attractive. The addition of Chef Combo, a popular puppet character, adds to the effect.
The Nutrition Explorations home page is a large graphic incorporating the links to sections of the site. Each link has a return link to the home page. Navigation is simple -- easy enough for a beginner.
Sponsored by the National Dairy Council, this site highlights the Lesson Activities the council produces for kids at different grade levels -- Chef Combo's Fantastic Adventures for kindergarten, Pyramid Cafe for second grade, and Pyramid Explorations for fourth grade, for example. KidsZone offers fun and games related to nutrition, while the Parents section contains tips parents and families can use to balance good nutrition and a busy family schedule. The School Food Service area provides resources for school food-service professionals. Those include materials for use in cafeterias, promotional ideas, and nutrition facts. The Educators section has lots of ideas for integrating the study of nutrition into the classroom. Links to Exploring Nutrition News, a nutrition newsletter; a classroom nutrition calendar; and resources that include Web sites, books, and teaching masters also are provided.