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June 2001

Child and Family WebGuide
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals, Parents

The goal of the Tufts University Child and Family WebGuide is " to give the public easy access to the best child development information on the Web."
The site uses spacing, color, and simple links to keep the pages neat.
A top navigation bar on each page links back to the home page and the other sections of the site. Visitors can also search the site by keyword or by an index search.
This WebGuide saves users time by organizing, reviewing, and rating Web sites that contain research-based information about child development. Research-based sites are grouped into five categories: Family/Parenting, Education/Learning, Health/Mental Health, Typical Development, and Childcare/Daycare. The Activities section gives parents links to sites on the topics after school activities, child care, family weekends, movies and media, private schools, and summer activities.