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May 2001

Civics Online
GRADE LEVEL: K-12, Parents, Professional

Civics Online is a rich resource for K-12 teachers and students. It contains a collection of primary sources related to U.S. government and democracy.
The consistent layout and color scheme give this site a professional look.
This is a well-organized site that is easy to navigate. The resources are divided into three main areas: Teachers, Students, and Parents. A bottom navigation menu is available for moving within the site.
This site is a cooperative effort between K-12 teachers and the faculty of Michigan State University to provide a digitized collection of government documents that can be used by teachers, students, and parents to address Michigan curriculum standards. Visitors to the site have access to such primary sources as treaties, photos, inaugural addresses, court decisions, maps, and paintings. The Teachers section includes general classroom activities for using primary sources as well as specific activities by grade level, resources and case studies that might be used to explore various approaches to teaching civics. The Students section includes a Timeline and a Glossary as well as Civic Explorations. The current exploration includes age-appropriate studies of the Elian Gonzalez case. The area for Parents offers advice and strategies for helping children with civics, a guide for using the site, and related links.