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S I T E     R E V I E W

April 2001


This site content has varied fun learning activities for kids ages 2 to 12 in many areas -- from art to reading to science.
The site is very colorful and attractive. It is heavily dependent on Shockwave for its activities, so it works best on a high-speed connection.
The main iKnowthat.com page has links to all sections. Users who register can personalize a child's room with links to the sections. Parents will find information and a grade level guide to the activities.
This site is fabulous for kids from 2 to 12. The activities available include the Sticker Book, where kids can create their own stories using hundreds of animated characters, sound effects, text, and backgrounds. Using a high-bandwidth connection, kids can fully develop stories with animations and sounds. Kids working with a low bandwidth can still develop stories but without animation and sound. The Art link allows students to choose backgrounds, media, and art forms (refrigerator, pointillism, etc.). The section also offers lots of information on art history. The Games section has two choices available. Order Up lets students explore principles of projectile motion physics to launch food in a futuristic cafeteria. Operation Optics allows students to discover how light works and experiment with mirrors, lenses, and prisms. The new Reading section offers students in pre-K through second grade opportunities to explore phonics and reading with Word Search, Word Builder, and Word Match. The Math section features Leon the Chameleon in a variety of problem situations.