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March 2001

The School Bell

This site includes curriculum links and classroom ideas suitable for teachers in grades pre-K through 2. The listing of theme links includes themes for teachers and students in upper elementary grades.
Cute graphics and easy-to-read text make this an attractive site for teachers.
The main School Bell page includes a complete Table of Contents and links to the other sections. Major categories are kids, teachers, themes, and online resources.
School Bell, developed by a first-grade teacher in California, was designed to be a resource for parents, teachers, and students. Kathy Gursky shares her own students' projects, such as the slide show I Went to the Zoo, and materials from her classroom, such as Number Families: Practice with addition and subtraction. Apples to Zebras: An Index to Themes and Topics is a fairly comprehensive list of theme units from across the Web. Monthly links may be helpful for elementary teachers and students. April, for example, offers links to sites devoted to Earth Day and Easter. Overall, this site offers plenty of information that would be helpful to any primary teacher.