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March 2001

The Audrey Wood Clubhouse
GRADE LEVEL: K-5, Parents, Teachers

The content of this site is "all you ever wanted to know about the team of Audrey and Don Wood and the books they have created."
The site is colorful and attractive.
The main clubhouse page links to all the other pages. Each page links back to the clubhouse page and to the top page of each section.
This site is great for anyone who enjoys the books created by the author-illustrator team of Audrey and Don Wood. Visitors will find biographical information about the pair, information about and illustrations from their books, and an online interview Scholastic conducted in October 2000. There are pages of frequently asked questions about Don and Audrey Wood; a special page just for writers, with hints for people who want to become writers; and a photo gallery of the authors and illustrators who have worked on all the books. Subscribe to the newsletter for up-to-date information about the Web site and any new books in the works. A special page for parents and teachers includes information on using the books with students. There is also a page of activities to go along with several of the stories. Printable color and activity sheets are available for many stories.