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December 2000

DW3 Classical Music Resources
GRADE LEVEL: Grade Level: 9-12, Advanced, Professional

Duke University's DW3 Classical Music Resources is a massive Web portal that bills itself as the "World's most comprehensive collection of classical music links."

The site is mostly text based but does include images and sound.

Resources are grouped into seven major categories, each with a set of subcategories. Visitors can search from any page for efficient navigation.

DW3 has plenty of information and well-chosen links for anyone interested in classical music. Users can see and listen to the full range of classical instruments, learn about composers from each historical period, and access more than 40 databases covering every aspect of music, including MIDI files and collections of photos. There are sections about women composers, chronologies and necrologies, research organizations, electronic journals and newsletters, national and regional pages, and specific genres of classical music. Click on Music Library to find the collection of Sheet Music & American Song Lyrics and various Research Databases.