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S I T E     R E V I E W
October 2000

Africa Focus: Sights and Sounds of a Continent

This site is a joint project of the African Studies Program and the General Library System at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The content focuses on all aspects of the African continent.

Lots of white space, quick-loading graphics, and a consistent layout make this site appealing. Visitors need RealPlayer to listen to the sound clips.

This well-organized site offers several options for browsing or searching. Resources are grouped into collections of images and sounds, which are further divided into subcategories.

Africa Focus is chock full of the sights and sounds of the continent. Teachers who teach African studies and students doing research will find the site equally useful. Users can browse the resources by collection, country, subject, or through an interactive map of the continent. Visitors can also search the site by keywords or multiple fields. The images are high quality and the sounds are offered in two connection speed formats. The database includes an option for saving your selections as you browse and then e-mailing the records to your own computer. This is a terrific resource for people creating multimedia presentations, involved in African studies, or just interested in learning more about the continent.