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S I T E     R E V I E W
June 16, 2000


KidsBank, presented by Sovereign Bank, is the place for children to find answers to their money-related questions.

Colorful cartoon characters make this site child friendly.

Even young children will find the site simple to navigate by following the arrows at the bottom of the pages. Users can choose the Java version or non-Java version of the site. For quicker navigation, a pre-download of graphics is available.

This site is divided into five sequential parts. Each section is hosted by a cartoon character, such as Penny, Dollar Bill, or Checks, ready to take users on the tour. The concepts of saving, checking, interest, and other banking terms are presented in language that young children will understand. The Professor is available in each section for a more in-depth look at the concepts for older students. The Game Room offers interactive quizzes at two levels of difficulty. Students will especially enjoy the online Calculators for determining how long it will take to become a millionaire or save enough to buy a car. Children may also post their money-related questions to the Ask Mr. Money message board. Included are links to other useful and interesting sites for children and their parents.