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S I T E     R E V I E W
June 1, 2000

Colonial Kids: A Celebration of Life in the 1700's

Fourth and fifth graders from Salford Hills Elementary School in Pennsylvania created this site to showcase different aspects of life as a child in colonial America.

The site has a few well-chosen graphics and an uncluttered, easy-to-read layout.

Graphics that are used as links on internal pages are presented on the opening page with explanatory text. All areas of the site are accessible via these menu graphics.

The six kids who created this ThinkQuest entry will take your students on a tour of colonial America from kids' perspective. This comprehensive site covers all aspects of colonial life. The authors present, in character, information on colonial homes, clothing, daily life, school life, transportation, workers, and Native Americans. In the Activities section, users can learn to make pumpkin soup or strawberry jam by visiting Aunt Abigail's Cook Book, make candles and pomander balls in Ye Olde Colonial Craft Book, or watch Colonial Video Vignettes about School Lessons, Farming, or Playing Marbles. This is a great site for students who want to know more about their colonial heritage or who would like to contribute information about colonial life in their own locality.