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S I T E     R E V I E W
May 16, 2000

Project Environment: Kids in Action

This ThinkQuest Jr. winner was developed by a team of fifth graders from Salford Hills Elementary School in Harleysville, Pa. It explores environmental issues and ways each of us can contribute to the solutions.

The site features great graphics and a sharp, simple design.

The site is divided into three main sections. All are accessible from the main page or the text menu at the bottom of each page.

Project Environment is a fun and educational site created by kids for kids. In the Kidstuff section, students can learn about recycling in the interactive Pile of Fun or print out a Word Find to solve. Included are tips for helping Earth, an invitation to send in pictures and stories for publication, and directions for At-Home Action-- experiments such as Make Your Own Paper and Acid Rain Experiment. Enviro-Info explores such environmental issues as pollution and the greenhouse effect. The Dream House shows visitors how they can conserve and recycle water, energy, and other materials. Take the tour or read about the unusual materials used to make the furnishings and building materials.