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S I T E     R E V I E W
May 16, 2000

Kids Ark

The Kids Ark is a fun, interactive, and educational site created to inspire youngsters to share their experiences with others.

The site is geared toward information searching and is designed quite simply with that in mind.

Children will be able to easily negotiate the site by following the spaceship icons on the front page or the menu on each page.

Kids Ark is a safe cyber space station for youngsters to explore on their own. Captain Zeb, the friendly host, gathers information from around the world to post here. The content varies from Pond Dipping to Conkers and Ghosts to Fossils and Weird Beasts. Children are encouraged to contribute their own artwork and reports. Kids Ark will appeal to the imagination of children or those who may still be children at heart. Each section includes information on the topic plus activities to do at home or school. For example, in Pond Dipping, children can learn how to pond dip safely or build their own wildlife pond. The Puzzle Dome is changed frequently and will keep kids engaged for hours.