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April 1, 2000

Mental Help Net
GRADE LEVEL: Parents, Professionals

Mental Help Net claims to be the "oldest and largest online mental health directory guide and community." Users can pose questions, read articles, and view resources on mental health issues.

The site uses colorful graphics and borders on the home page. Wide spacing makes the pages easy to view.

Each page uses the same navigation menu at the top, which allows users to move around the site easily.

Mental Help Net is a user-friendly, interactive site with a wealth of information on common mental health problems and disorders. Users can find information about various disorders, including lists of symptoms. Users must join the community in order to use the chat and forum features to discuss their general mental health questions. The Experts Corner includes Ask the Pharmacists, where two pharmacists post answers to questions about medications, Anne's Advice for answers to relationship problems, and Ask Dr. Dombeck, a psychologist who answers questions concerning mental illness and related topics. The site offers current and archived news articles on the latest in mental health diagnoses and treatments and an extensive list of professional resources.