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S I T E     R E V I E W
May 2009

GRADE LEVEL: Parents and Teachers
Written By: Hazel Jobe

Larry Magid's Online Safety Project (OSP) operates SafeKids.Com. Magid is a syndicated columnist and author of online safety articles.

This site contains mainly text and very few graphics.

The simple layout makes following the links to needed information easy. Visitors need to use the back button on the browser to return to a page.

SafeKids.com is one-stop shopping for everything parents and teachers need to know about keeping kids safe on the Internet. The site includes articles on the issues of child safety, reviews of filtering software and filtered ISPs, rules for children, and guidelines for adults. Parents can download a Family Contract for Online Safety to be posted beside the computer. A slide show based on the booklet "Child Safety on the Information Highway" is included.