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S I T E     R E V I E W

Schwab Foundation for Learning
GRADE LEVEL: Professional
Written By: Hazel Jobe

Helping to improve the lives of children who learn differently from others is the goal of this site. The non-profit organization offers a wealth of information and resources for parents and educators alike.

The user-friendly design incorporates minimal graphics, which makes downloads quick.

A navigation bar at the top of the homepage makes maneuvering from one topic to another easy. As one link is selected, additional links appear on a sidebar in outline format. Links change color as the mouse passes over them, so users always know where they are.

Parents and educators of children who have learning differences will not want to miss this site. It is chock full of lesson plans, articles, names of publications, and other resources. Specialists in the field will also respond to questions. A My Page option lets visitors bookmark sites or keep files and articles. A user indicates areas of interest when creating a page, and it automatically lists articles from those areas when the person logs in. The site also offers a Spanish version for non-English speaking users and a search feature that allows users to find particular topics of interest.