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January, 2009

Web Rangers
Games, stories, and pictures for learning about U.S. National Parks.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5


Web Rangers is an online Junior Ranger program for kids of all ages. It was developed by the National Park Service and offers more than fifty games, stories, and pictures for learning about U.S. National Parks.
The site is organized so users can enter as visitors and play the games or sign up to join the Ranger program (free registration) and get full access. The site is available in Spanish and English.

Children will enjoy learning about U.S. National Parks with these engaging games and activities. Games are marked with the level of difficulty and are organized into seven categories: history, nature, puzzles, science, parks, animals, and people. The games can be searched by keyword, sorted by difficulty, or browsed in an alphabetical list. If users choose to sign up for the program, they can create their own ranger station, view Webcams, share pictures and stories, and track their progress, as well as earn a WebRangers patch by completing all the activities.


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