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October, 2008

Access Excellence
Activities Exchange

From the National Health Museum, great for heath, bio, and science teachers.
Grade Level: Professional

Access Excellence Activities Exchange from the National Health Museum offers teachers ready to use lesson plans, activities and interactives to supplement their health, biology and science classes.
The five main areas of the site are clearly marked on the front page of the site. Subsequent pages include a table of contents.

Looking for activities to spice up your science class? Look no further! The Access Excellence Activities Collection has something for everyone. The site has been around for a while but the information and resources are just as relevant today as they were in 1994. There are five main collections of the site: Partners Collection, The Mystery Spot, Classic Collection, Fellows Collection, and Activities to Go. The Mystery Spot is an interactive area with online scientific mysteries that encourage student problem solving and inquiry. Each of the mysteries has a teacher page that offers a summary, themes, explains the format and offers suggestions for use in the classroom. The Activities to Go section is a database of successful teaching strategies that have been shared to help students learn the concepts and process of the life sciences. The database can be searched by keyword. The Fellows Collection offers classroom activities that were submitted by high school biology and life sciences teachers who participated in the Access Excellence program. The Partners Collection and the Classic Collection also offer a wealth of information and resources for teaching the life sciences.


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