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Universal Leonardo
Question: Is the Internet big enough to truly represent Leonardo da Vinci?
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site was originally developed to complement a series of European exhibitions that have now closed, but the Web site remains online as a highly interactive project that "aims to radically extend public understanding and appreciation of the deep unity and extraordinary diversity of Leonardo da Vincis work in all his fields of endeavour."
The site affords visitors multiple ways of navigation: a top menu bar, interactive timeline and the option of browsing the paintings, manuscripts, inventions, and drawings as well as the life and times.

Universal Leonardo covers a massive amount of information about the man and his extraordinary skills. First time visitors may want to begin with the Explore section where they will find interactive exhibits that look at Leonardo da Vincis work on the forces of nature, the human body, light and vision, and the natural world and learn how these things are all interconnected according to da Vinci. Alternatively, the interactive timeline at the top of the page provides a visual representation of the interconnectedness by linking related images. The Play section is delightful for all ages and includes online games and activities such as making a monster and making Mona Lisa smile as well as a few activities that can be downloaded and used in the classroom. The Discover section gives users the opportunity to learn about the scientific techniques used to analyze the Madonna of the Yarnwinder. Additionally, users can also browse through collections of paintings, manuscripts, inventions, and drawings and learn about the life and times of this celebrated artist.


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