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May, 2008

This Is Emily Yeung
Highly interactive site based on Canadian kids' show.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2

This site was designed to complement to the Toronto television show of the same name. It provides interactive online activities and games for young children aged 2-6.
This interactive site was designed with young children in mind with bright graphics and ease of use. With a simple roll over or click of the mouse clear spoken instructions are provided for each activity.

Although children outside of Toronto may not be familiar with the show, This is Emily Yeung, it wont keep them from being intrigued with this highly interactive site that is filled with activities and games that are made to encourage children to play and use their creativity and imagination. It is a safe playing and learning environment for the little ones. Children can play dress-up with Emily, finger-paint, play hide-and-seek, create their own little play friend, visit the art gallery or watch a video of Emily. Other activities include growing flowers, playing in the snow, building sandcastles, going on a sea safari, and creating snowflakes.


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