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February, 2008

Teaching Mathematical Thinking Through Origami
The other kind of "math paper."
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This site, created in 2004 by university professors Daniel Meyer, Jeanine Meyer and Aviva Meyer, offers some general and specific strategies for using origami to teach mathematical thinking. .
The site is designed in frames with the navigation menu in the left frame and the content displayed in the main frame.

Teaching Mathematical Thinking Through Origami offers educators a different approach to teaching mathematical thinking. The site includes background information on the art of origami, a set of teaching strategies that can be used with any of the models to incorporate origami into the classroom, and sample models. Teachers will find that the basic strategy is for students to become the teachers and the model examples include a variety of different computer-based techniques that students at all levels can use. Additionally, the Origami Sources section includes external links to other helpful origami sites.


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