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May, 2009

Exploratorium: Memory
Great Exploratorium site, going strong since 1998.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site has been around for a long time but it is just as interesting today as when it was first published. It explores the subject of memory in various ways, from dissecting a sheep brain in order to examine the anatomy of memory to learning some things you can do to remember things better.
The site is well organized with links to the main sections listed on the front page as a table of contents. Shockwave and Real Player are needed.

Memory was created in 1998 to accompany an exhibit at the Exploratorium. The content is as fascinating today as it was then. Visitors to the site will want to begin by viewing the slide show and the video of the dissection of the sheep brain to learn how the memory works in humans. Then move on to discover the work of artist Franco Magnani, who paints entirely from memory. The online exhibits offer users activities that test the memory such as finding the right penny, memory solitaire, telling yourself a story, droodles (combinations of doodles and riddles), and identifying famous people. Users can also learn which facial features help us remember a face and some things you can try to help you remember things better such as elaborative encoding to put things into your long term memory. Included is a series of articles and archived Webcast lectures that deal with various aspects of memory.


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