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January, 2008

Brush up math, reading, and writing skills on this BBC site. Cheerio!
Grade Level: 9-12


Skillwise was created by the BBC to help adults improve their reading, writing, and math skills from any computer with an Internet connection. The content is aligned specifically to UK standards, but the resources are helpful to anyone needing them.
The site is well organized in a clean interface with three major sections: Words, Numbers, and Tutors. These are accessed through the large buttons at the top of the main page. Subsequent pages have a top navigation bar for navigating each section. A text only version is also available.

Skillswise is a robust resource for anyone wanting to brush up on their reading, writing, and/or math skills. Users can pick and choose which materials are most appropriate for them. It includes fact sheets, worksheets, quizzes and games, as well as a section for tutors/teachers that includes lesson plans, tracking tools, ESOL links, an alphabetic listing of all content, and a message board. The Words section includes grammar, spelling, reading, listening, writing, and vocabulary, and the Numbers section includes whole numbers, measurement, fractions, and data. Also included are a glossary and a listing of all the games on the site categorized by skill area.


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