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January, 2008

Six Steps to ELL Lesson Design
Guidance on developing lessons for English-language learners.
Grade Level: Professional Steps to ELL Lesson Design/

This site was developed by teachers to help teachers meet the needs of non-English, limited English, and proficient English speakers within a single curriculum.
The very simple design makes it easy to navigate this site. Internal pages have a left navigation menu as well as a top menu for moving around within a topic.

Six Steps to ELL Lesson Design offers classroom teachers resources and information for meeting the needs of all degrees of English speakers within the same classroom and curriculum. It was created in 2002 as an education course project at Arizona State University, but is still broadly relevant and useful today. The site is written in a conversational form and includes six steps for planning and organizing your curriculum, including determining the needs of your class, identifying adaptable activities, modifying materials, creating new activities, and designing lessons. This step-by-step approach is easily adapted to the needs of any classroom teacher who finds herself/himself charged with teaching ELL students to the same high standards as others in the regular classroom. Also included are other Web resources and a printable collection of job aids, charts, and other documents as well as a summary of the six steps to print out.


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