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Tools for Understanding
Math tools for teachers at all levels.
Grade Level: Professional

Professor John Woodward and his colleagues at the University of Puget Sound created the materials for this site that brings together resources to assist mathematics teachers at a variety of skill levels.
This simply designed site is divided into six sections that are listed on the left side of the main page. Internal pages also have a left side menu for moving around that section and a top navigation bar for moving from one section to the other.

Tools for Understanding has something for the pre-service teacher, new teacher, and the veteran teacher alike. The math concepts section provides a wide variety of lessons arranged by topic such as spreadsheet basics, factors, primes and functions, fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, working with data, and more. The lessons integrate technology (either spreadsheets or calculators) into the learning process and can easily be included in the existing curriculum. The integrated lessons section provides examples of in-depth problem solving in mathematics and explicit suggestions for moving students through the problem solving process toward high-quality products. The journaling section explores the idea of writing in mathematics and offers tips for getting started as well as prompts to use, strategies for incorporating writing into the mathematics class, and lesson plans.


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