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NSTA: Science Objects
The National Science Teachers Association online "refreshers" on various science topics.
Grade Level:Professional


This site from the National Science Teachers Association provides free web-based science learning activities for teachers to build content knowledge.

NSTA: Science Objects is a part of the larger NSTA site. The content can be browsed by following the links in the left menu to each of the four categories: All Science Objects, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Life Science.

This is a great resource for teachers who are new to the teaching profession or just need to brush up on science concepts before taking on a new course. The Science Objects are interactive multimedia lessons based on science literacy goals in the Standards and include interactive simulations, audio, questions to ensure understanding, student misconceptions to watch out for, and practical ideas for addressing them. Each Object covers a key content idea such as Newtons First Law, Global Climate Patterns, The Origin and Evolution of the Universe, and Mendels Principles of Heredity.


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