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May 2007

Writing Fun
Certainly more fun with the composition aids on this Australian site.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8


Writing Fun, produced by Jenny Eather, an Australian primary teacher, provides instructions, examples, tips, and text organizers to help students write various kinds of compositions.
This site is attractive, well designed, and easy to navigate. The menu of text links is located on the right side of the main page. Internal pages have the menu collapsed in the right margin and clicking on a link takes users back to the homepage. Flash Player is required.

Students can find the help they need with writing compositions at Writing for Fun. Instructions, tips, organizers, and examples are available for a variety of composition types such as narrative, discussion, explanation, persuasion, information, and others. Also included are everyday text forms such as letters, invitations, and email. Each composition type includes at least six examples that can viewed with the organizer off or on allowing students to see how each section is developed. Students ideas can take shape at the site and later be put down on paper or simply typed directly into the organizer in the browser. All of the organizers are available in Microsoft Word format for download to use for word processing or as a printable. This is a great site for students to use as homework help for those writing assignments and could also be used by parents who home school their children.

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