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April 2007

Inside the Cell
National Institute of General Medical Science looks at the smallest unit of life.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12


Inside the Cell is a publication of the National Institute of General Medical Science. It is an informational booklet for studying the smallest form of life, the cell.
The site has a simple interface with a table of contents on the main page. Contents are divided into five chapters and can be downloaded for free and printed or used online. QuickTime is needed.

Help your students learn what is going on inside their body with the materials in this curriculum supplement. It contains four chapters that explore the basic structures of cells, the functions of cells, how cells specialize to get their unique jobs done, how cells reproduce, and how cells age and die. Each chapter includes colorful graphics, high quality images and animations that enhance the understanding of the information, as well as discussion questions to test your comprehension. Embedded links within the text lead to the glossary and a section of animations and extras is included.


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