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Google Earth
Satellite pictures power this amazing search-the-Earth tool.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12


Google Earth is a satellite imagery-based mapping tool that creates a 3D model of the entire planet, allowing users to "grab, spin, and zoom down into any place on Earth. Different versions offer tools for measuring, drawing, saving, printing, and GPS device support.
Google Earth is a mapping tool that can be downloaded for free from this site. The main page offers a product tour as well as a forum and a gallery.

Put the worlds geographic information at your students fingertips with Google Earth. This software is more like a video game than a search engine. In essence, it puts the whole world on a students computer, and students can explore the interactive and visually intuitive interface. Teachers can use Google Earth demos to get their students excited about geography, and use different layers to study economics, demographics, and transportation in specific contexts. The only limit to Google Earth's classroom uses is your imagination.


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