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What about? Science! -- A site from the National Academy of Sciences.
Grade Level: 6-8


IWASwondering.org is a site from the National Academy of Sciences that showcases the accomplishments of contemporary women in science and offers young people, especially girls, a look at the various careers of some of todays most prominent scientists. It is a companion to the publication Womens Adventures in Science Series, but there are enough free resources and content to make it worth a visit.
This visually appealing site is organized into three main sections: Cool Scientists, Have a Question?, Timeline, and Games. Navigation links are located at the bottom of the main page.

Promote an interest in science among your middle school students by letting Lia, the teenage cartoon character who hosts the site, lead them through these interactive resources and activities. The site focuses on inspiring girls to think about a career in science. The accomplishments and careers of several women in science are featured. These features include such prominent scientists as Nancy Wexler, gene hunter, and Diane France, bone detective. Each of the features includes a biographical scrapbook, a Flash comic, and an interactive science lab. Visitors to the site can also use the interactive timeline to learn about several women and their scientific accomplishments from 1985 to the present. Also included are interactive games and a guide for teachers.


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