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Field Trip Earth
Environmental information has never been so lively.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Field Trip Earth provides resources and information on field-based conservation research projects around the world as well as allowing classrooms and others the opportunity to interact with the researchers and other conservation experts.
The site is well organized and appealing. Resources are organized into two broad categories; site wide resources found in the left side menu of the main page, and species specific resources that can be located at the top of the page or by clicking on the All Field Trips link. Most pages have a printer-friendly version.

Take your students on a world tour as they learn about Appalachian black bears, red wolves of Alligator River, the elephants of Cameroon and many more species without ever leaving the classroom. Students can read field reports and essays from wildlife experts, interview the researchers, listen to recorded phone calls, see videos shot in the field, and discuss conservation issues. Ongoing wildlife conservation projects from around the world are available from an interactive map. Clicking on a choice brings up a full report including a media gallery. There are a wealth of resources available for educators that include more than a dozen fact sheets for emerging readers on various animals such as the hippopotamus, polar bear, and African elephant; information on using the FTE server to create their own animal tracking maps online; reviews of at least twenty childrens books dealing with conservation topics including tips for how they can be used in conjunction with conservation study; an example of a map interpreting exercise; ideas for using paper-based activities alongside the Web site; plus a host of strategies (lesson plans) that have been submitted by other teachers.


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