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NASA Kids Club
A virtual playground for learning math, science, and technology.

NASA Kids Club features interactive educational games and activities for students K-4 to help them learn science, technology, engineering, and math concepts.
This site is designed with the young user in mind and is easily navigated from the main page through graphical links to the five levels of game difficulty. It is available in Flash and text-only versions that make it accessible to all users.

NASA Kids Club is a fun virtual playground for young students to explore important skills and concepts with interactive games. The games are divided into five advancing skill levels and are based on national education standards in math, science, and technology. Games increase in difficulty from identifying patterns to games of logic. The three interactive panels at the top of the home page give students updates about NASAs vision for space exploration, information about the Space Station crew, and updates on current events, missions, and exciting discoveries. Additionally, teachers can click on the little red apple to find all of NASAs educational materials listed by subject area and students can find an interactive drawing board by clicking on the cup full of art supplies.



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