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October 2006

Exploratorium: Faultline
Super source for seismic science.
GRADE LEVEL: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This site from the Exploratorium is a one stop resource for everything you need to know about seismic science. It includes video, graphics, photos, classroom activities, Web casts and more.
The site is easy to navigate. The six major sections are listed on the main page. Subsequent pages have a left side menu as well as a bottom navigation bar. QuickTime and Real Player are needed.

Faultline is a rich resource for teaching and learning about earthquakes. The information is divided into five primary sections; Live Eye on the Earth, Great Shakes, Quake Basics, Damage Control, and Active Zone. Students may want to begin with Quake Basics where they can learn about plate tectonics, faults, waves and how the earths movements are measured. The Great Shakes includes information about earthquakes in and around San Francisco such as the devastating 1906 quake and the earthquake of 1989 including video from the World Series game when the earthquake started. Also available are links to live Websites that track the daily movement of the earth and how we can mitigate the damage of future earthquakes. The Active Zone includes hands-on activities for teaching about earthquakes, videos, podcasts, graphics, photos and links to more information.



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