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October 2006

Revising Himself: Walt Whitman and Leaves of Grass
The many editions of a major American masterpiece.

This online exhibit from the Library of Congress explores the life of Walt Whitman and the history of his masterpiece, Leaves of Grass.
The site is well organized with links to the major sections listed on the main page. Internal pages include a top and bottom menu bar for moving between the sections.

This site is for teachers and students or members of the general public who are interested in the work of Walt Whitman. Using primary documents from the Library of Congress's collections it gives a virtual exploration of Whitman's life and work in the years between the first publishing of the "Leaves of Grass" and the final edition that was published in 1892. It traces his life as a journalist and teacher, wound dresser, poet of the nation, good gray poet, sage, and legend illustrated with manuscripts, notes, correspondence and other documents from family and friends. Students will want to be sure and click on the little light bulb icon "Discover" to learn more about Whitmans life.



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