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Start Smart: Money Management for Teens
A guide for teens to managing money from the FDIC.
GRADE LEVEL: 6-8, 9-12

This site from the FDIC Consumer News, published by The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, provides teenagers important information and tips for money management.
The easy to navigate site is a simple index of topics on the main page.

This guide will help teens "learn how to make good decisions about money, right from the start." The guide is written especially for teens and includes the following topics: Saving Money, Where to Keep Your Money, Spending Money, Borrowing Money, Protecting Against Fraud, Banking Basics, Extra Points, and How to Learn More. Included is an online quiz for testing your money management IQ. Additionally, permission is granted to reprint the article in full or part to distribute to teens and families. Teachers could reprint it for an entire class for required reading to supplement their economics curriculum.



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