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September 2006

The Renaissance Connection, from the Allentown Art Museum
Middle schoolers explore the Renaissance (get a time-machine pass first, please).

This site from the Allentown Art Museum is an interactive educational web site that transports students back in time with digital images from the artwork of the Samuel H. Kress collection, interactive activities, lesson plans, timeline, maps, and more.
This well designed site is produced in Flash but a text/html version is available. It was developed in a format that will catch the interest of middle school students. The content is organized into five sections that are available on the main page of the site and also in the top navigation bar. A bottom navigation bar leads to other areas of the site.

Middle school students will find the Renaissance Connection site to be fun and engaging. Thirty seven pieces of art from the Samuel H. Kress and European Art Collections at the Allentown Art Museum are used to take students into the past to explore the art, thought, and society of the Renaissance period in Europe. The site explores six main themes of the Renaissance period: Quest for Knowledge, Arts Architecture, Patrons Lifestyle, Everyday Life, Trade Exploration, and Science Technology. In the Art Explorer, students can explore the works of art through the use of the interactive timeline, map, or alphabetically. The artwork is arranged on the timeline and the map according the theme it represents. Students can also explore 600 years of innovation through the time telescope, learn about being a patron of the arts and study the life of various artists. Lesson plans are available that use the visual arts as a basis for teaching language arts, art, science, social studies, and math, and are related to the six themes of the site.



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