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April 2006

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum
The 38th President's library and museum site.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Although the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum are in two separate locations, this site brings them together into one site. It includes information and resources for learning about the President, his wife and his presidency.
The site is appropriately designed in red, white and blue. There is a top navigation bar that leads to the main areas of the site as well as a side bar with links to other areas.

Teachers and students will find a wide range of information and resources for teaching and learning about Gerald R. Ford, thirty-eighth President of the United States. There is biographical information on Mr. Ford and his wife, fact sheets that includes favorites such as hobbies, music, books, etc., recent activities, a bibliography of books about him, and genealogical information. A wide variety of documents and photographs are available from full sets of documents from cabinet meetings and the Vietnam War to selected documents such as speeches and photographs of the Fords as children and historical photos from the White House. Exhibits include, "A Day in the Life of a President", and a "State Dinner for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip." The Ford Museum area offers a number of online exhibits including the multimedia exhibit on the Watergate crisis that includes film clips of news coverage.



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