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Paper Plate Education
Teach everything on a paper plate? Activities here say yes.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8

The Paper Plate Education Web site offers a collection of hands-on activities that use paper plates to supplement lessons in a range of science topics.
The site has a simple design with a top and bottom navigation bar that offers access to the main areas of the site. A site map is available as well as text links on the main page.

This site was designed by Chuck Bueter at DePaul University and offers teachers, parents and students creative hands-on activities that "reduce complex notions to simple paper plate explanations." Activities are created for a variety of science topics and for a range of ability levels using only paper plates and a few other easily found items. Activity topics include everything from practicing addition and multiplication to altitude and co-altitude to galaxy models and much more. The activities were contributed by practicing educators and more are being added regularly. The "What's New?" area keeps regular users up to date on the latest projects being added.


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