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Quickly map a section of the moon, for example, or Venus. Fun!
Grade Level: 9-12


Map-a-Planet, created and maintained by the United States Geological Survey's Astrogeology Research Program, offers detailed online maps of the planets and various moons that share our universe. Included are links to more information and resources from the USGS.
This well designed, interactive site is easily navigated. Each map offers a list of advanced options.

“Astrogeology is the science devoted to studying the origin, composition, structure and history of the planets and their moons.” This site offers a global point-and-click system for exploring our moon, Venus, Mars, the moons of Jupiter, and the moons of Saturn. Included at the site are links to other pages from the Astrogeology Research Program including a data system and an image gallery. Science teachers and students will find this to be a great resource for studying these heavenly bodies, but the site will also be of interest to the general public.


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