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March 2005

EdHeads: Activate Your Mind
Nicely interactive site on select science topics.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8

This engaging interactive site teaches students about simple machines, the weather, and knee surgery through three animated modules that are tied to state and national science standards.
The site is easily navigated with links to the three modules on the left side of the main page and navigation through the interactive modules is intuitive. Flash Player is required and can be downloaded for free at the site.

EdHead uses simple animations to help students understand science concepts. Simple Machines helps students, grades two through six, to learn about simple and compound machines. The five animated activities in this module teach children about levers, wheels and axles, inclined planes, gears, wedges, screws, and pulleys by interactively exploring everyday objects around the house. After students have mastered the basics of the simple machines they can move on to the tool shed to see how these machines are combined to make more complex compound machines by exploring such familiar items as a wheelbarrow, stapler, and can opener. Weather, recommended for grades 4-9, offers students the opportunity to forecast and predict the weather in an interactive module that offers three levels of difficulty. Virtual Knee Surgery, recommended for grades 7-12, allows students to take on the role of the surgeon throughout a total knee replacement surgery. The Teachers’ Guide offers tips for using the site, printable activities to be used in class, and a listing of state and national standards that are addressed in the modules. Included is a link to interesting people to help students learn about professions and career choices, lesson plans and glossaries of terms for each module.


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