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February 2005

The World War I Document Archive
Strong site for secondary school use about WWI.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

This site, from the Brigham Young University Libraries, offers this online archive of primary documents from World War I. It includes photographs, diaries, conventions and much more.
The layout and navigation of this site is simple. The links are presented on the main page as a table of contents. Documents can be browsed by category or by year. An onsite keyword search is also available.

This archive of primary documents will be of interest to historians, history teachers, students or anyone interested in the “Great War”. The archive contains hundreds of documents that are grouped into categories such as diaries, commentaries, maritime war and medical front to name a few. One section groups the documents by year from pre-1914 to post 1918. Visitors can peruse everything from a letter personal letters of a driver at the front to fleet deployments to brief biographical sketches and photographs of prominent people of the Great War era. The photograph area includes more than 1800 photos that are grouped into fifteen categories such as troops, commanders, aviation, individuals and locations.


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