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Investigating the Climate System
Problem-based lessons from NASAs Spacelink program.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8

Investigating the Climate System, part of NASA's Spacelink materials, provides problem-based lessons for learning about the climate system.
This site has a simple design and is easily navigated. Links to the educational materials are listed on the main page. Lessons are in .pdf format, so Acrobat Reader is required.

In addition to other educational materials, this site offers science teachers a set of five classroom modules: Clouds, Energy, Precipitation, Weather, and Winds. Each of the downloadable 20-30 page booklets contains five to six learning activities that include objectives, key terms and concepts, ideas for extensions, assessment rubrics, and prerequisite knowledge. The modules begin with a scenario and then students investigate to find answers to the questions. The investigations are correlated to national standards in language arts, geography, mathematics, science, and social studies, and include diagrams to help students understand the concepts. The modules are geared toward grades 5-12 and although they are written under one title -- "Investigating the Climate System" -- they can be used as stand alone modules.


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