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May 2004

Biodiversity and Conservation: The Web of Life
Good resource on the concept of biodiversity.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12, Advanced, Professional

This site from the Field Museum explores biodiversity and provides resources and information that can be used in the classroom.
The bilingual (English and Spanish) site has a nice mix of text and high quality graphics. Macromedia Flash Player 6 plug-in for your browser is required and a link to the free download is included at the site. .
The front page has a navigation menu for the various areas of the site and a link to the site in Spanish. The main page of each area has a right side menu that expands to show submenus when clicked.

Because we depend on biodiversity in our daily lives to provide a healthy environment, as well as many natural materials that are sources of food, medicine, and other economically important products, it is essential that we understand the consequences of our actions. This site explores the basic facts about biodiversity and the issues that affect us all. Visitors can meet the scientists of the Field Museum, learn about the events and workshops, and find out what they can do to become better caretakers of the environment. The interactive experience "Explore Global Diversity" lets you investigate our planet's web of life along with 170 scientists in more than seventy-five countries internationally. Topics of study include climate change, African biodiversity, genetic biodiversity, living waters, tree of life and many more. Lesson plans, online resources, and downloadable teacher's guides are available for use in the classroom.


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