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April 2004
Updated July 2009

The Parents' Choice Foundation
All about this organization's famous seal of approval.
Grade Level: Parents, Professional

The Parents' Choice Foundation Website offers parents and caregivers information about products and toys to help them make informed decisions about which ones are right for their children.
This professional site uses ample white space, easily-read text, and well-placed graphics to keep the pages neat and interesting.
The top menu bar leads users to the main areas of the site and has drop-down menus for the subsections of some areas. A handy on-site search tool is also available.

There is an abundance of children's education and entertainment materials on the market today and The Parents' Choice Foundation seeks them out and evaluates them in order to "provide parents with information to participate wisely in their children's learning." Each year since 1978 this organization has published non-partisan evaluations and recommendations of books, videos, toys, audio products, computer software, television programs, and magazines. Parents can view the current list of Parent's Choice Award winners, a list of past winners, a themed reading list including a list for those who don't like to read, and listings of museum and zoo exhibits. Parents can also browse through a compilation of children's activities and family events that are being held across the country, with suggestions for theme-related products. Those looking for a particular product can go to the Product Finder and complete the search criteria to find award-winning products.


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