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February 2004

A Tale to Be Told
A nice Web Quest on the way Into the Woods.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8


A Tale to Be Told is a simple webquest, created by teacher Marcia Sullivan, for younger students that explores the folk tales of cultures throughout the world.
The site is well designed and attractive. Some of the text may be difficult for young students to read.
The Web activity is designed in the Webquest format and each page links linearly to the next.

This is a great activity for younger students to explore other cultures through folktales. It is cleverly written in a style that students will enjoy. The class is organized into groups to solve the riddle and write their own story. Each child chooses a different story to read and then compares and contrasts the stories to find similarities and differences in them and then create their own stories. Support for student research is provided in the form of links to several online folktales along with a chart for making comparisons, a graphic organizer to help with story writing and an evaluation rubric.


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