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French Revision
British site for French-language study.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12, Advanced

This interactive and educational site has listening, reading, and writing exercises that help students learn French vocabulary.
French Revision has a very simple layout, with very few graphics. The site requires RealAudio, Flash, and Java, and the homepage provides instructions for running these plug-ins.
The content is organized into several levels of difficulty. The top navigation bar utilizes drop-down menus, which makes it easy to find the various activities.

Students of the French language will find lots of interactive practice at this site. Exercises include listening, reading, and writing activities and are categorized by level of difficulty. Each of the activities is self-scoring for immediate feedback. French teachers could use this site as a supplement to the classroom curriculum. Downloads are also available for teachers to use the materials offline. Three different formats are available: packages (small files that are not installed on your computer), programs (files that require installation), and flip charts (files created for use with interactive whiteboards). Also included at the site are games and a list of other useful links.


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