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Alphabet Soup
Early childhood site with lots to offer.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, Professional

Alphabet Soup offers a variety of useful ideas and activities for teachers and parents of young children. Thematic units, holiday ideas, games, and activities are available here. The site also offers ideas for teaching each letter of the alphabet.
The site is easy to read and has minimal graphics. Banners and other ads throughout the pages are distracting.
Each page of the Alphabet Soup site offers a left side navigation menu. The main page also offers links embedded in the text.

This site contains information and ideas for the early childhood teacher or parent. Information is organized by themes such as Back to School, Apples, Insects, and Dinosaurs. In addition to the theme area, the site offers holiday pages, complete with ideas, activities, crafts, and links to e-cards. Printable resources are available, such as themed writing paper, bookmarks, and awards. The Parent and Teacher section offers Alphabites (alphabet-based activities), related Web resources, and Teacher Tools (printable activities). Other resources at this site include ideas for craft and art activities, book lists, and recipes. This site is definitely worth a look if you are working with young children!


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