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New Horizons for Learning is an organization that serves as a resource for educational change. This site contains its quarterly online journal, collections of articles, and lists of related resources.
This attractive site is presented in a professional, easily-read manner. Graphics are minimal.
The New Horizons for Learning site is clearly and efficiently organized. The major areas are accessible from the top of each page. A site index and search tool are also available.
New Horizons for Learning was created in 1980 with a goal of identifying, researching, communicating, and implementing successful educational strategies. This Web site was designed to further this goal. New Horizons focuses on several major areas, including teaching and learning strategies, news from the neurosciences, student voices, transforming education, special needs, perspectives on the future, and lifelong learning. Each of these areas is included on the site and offers articles, reading suggestions, and related links. In the Teaching and Learning Strategies section, topics covered include applied learning, cooperative learning, democratic classrooms, learning styles, multiple intelligences, technology, thinking skills, and much more. Archived issues of the NHFL Journal are also available on the site.



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