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Teacher Tools
An online swap-shop of teacher ideas and resources.
Grade Level: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


Teacher Tools is a collection of ideas and resources submitted by teachers. The site includes downloadable worksheets and other resources in pdf and html format. Content includes bulletin boards, lesson plans, forms and letters, and games and puzzles.
The Teacher Tools site is simple and uncluttered. There are no distractions from the educational content.
This site uses frames to allow easy access to each area. A text menu at the top of each section links to divisions within the section. Materials to download are linked from the right-hand side of each page.
Teacher Tools offers a large collection of ideas and materials for and by teachers. It was designed to be a place to share ideas and documents in a variety of areas and subjects. Teachers submit ideas to the site, along with photos and files in html or pdf format. These files are linked to the ideas to allow easy access to the printable materials. Lesson plan ideas include topics such as classroom management, technology, thematic units, and mathematics. The site also offers games, puzzles, links to other Web resources, and a variety of forms and letters.

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