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Life Interrupted: The Japanese American Experience in WW II Arkansas
Extremely inventive presentation about a difficult part of American history.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12, Advanced, Professional

Life Interrupted gives a glimpse into the plight of Japanese Americans during their internment during World War II at two camps located in Rohwer and Jerome, Arkansas.
This very inviting site is professionally created, with great photos and videos. Flash and QuickTime Players are necessary for parts of the site, but there is also an HTML version offered. Even the html version includes highly interactive methods of navigating and very inventive graphic presentation.
Navigation is simple and easy while also being very inventive. Visitors can choose to enter the site using the Flash or HTML version. Links to the various areas are represented as manila folders and clicking on the tabs brings up the pages.
The University of Arkansas at Little Rock's Public History program and the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles joined forces to produce this site. History teachers will find it useful as a supplement to their curriculum dealing with World War II and the tragic incident in American History that saw Japanese Americans removed from their homes and taken to prison camps. This site deals with two of the many relocation camps across the United States: Rohwer and Jerome, Arkansas. The History section offers an interactive timeline of the Arkansas camps and a complete timeline of events. Visitors can see panoramic views of the current sites of the camps, view a archived photos of daily life, access curriculum materials, and view an interactive map that "helps give a geographical context to these events." This is a very inventively presented site that you shouldn't miss!

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