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Planet PDF
Free PDF copies of classic books online.
Grade Level: 9-12

Planet PDF is "a popular, independent community site for Adobe Acrobat and PDF users." It offers free PDF eBooks of popular classics.
This text-based site is easily read and user-friendly. Acrobat Reader is required.
Links to the free eBooks are displayed on the main page. Each title includes a short introductory paragraph.
Planet PDF offers many classic pieces of literature that can be downloaded in two PDF formats: tagged and non-tagged. The non-tagged files are smaller and meant to be read on your laptop or desktop. If you plan to read the eBook on a handheld device, then the tagged files are a better option. Titles include A Tale of Two Cities, The Red Badge of Courage, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Wuthering Heights, to name a few. Additionally, there are many other resources available at the site for PDF users.

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